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J&N Records started in 1981 when brothers Juan and Nelson opened a small record shop in Queens, NY. Quickly, the store became a neighborhood staple, greatly due to the charismatic personalities of the brothers. And their role as retailers soon expanded as artists approached them in search of good production and distribution opportunities.

By 1990, Juan & Nelson had established J&N Distributors and started producing Hispanic music (merengue, salsa, etc), with recordings by artists of the caliber of Cuco Valoy and his son Ramon Orlando with his great international orchestra, thus contributing to the international explosion of Merengue and other music styles rooted in the Dominican Republic.

40 years of experience in Latin music

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The history of Latin music cannot be written without mentioning Juan Hidalgo and Nelson Estévez who for 40 years have led the label that bears their name Juan y Nelson, with innovation being the key to celebrating four decades today.



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