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J&N Music Group Licensing

J&N Music Group Licensing works with clients to license music from all labels under our coporate umbrella. J&N Music Group Licensing grants the rights to use copyrighted music recordings within films, television programs, commercials, video games and other visual mediums. To license a piece of music from for a project, rights need to be secured from the record company and the publisher. J&N Music Group control the master rights and may also control the music publishing rights on the composition. In many cases you may just turn to J&N Music Group for securing the rights to license one of our songs. To secure the Master use license for one of J&N Music Group’s tracks, please submit a request, simply click the button below.

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Walmart TV Commercial

The Walmart TV Commercial, ‘Holiday Helpers’ a song by artist Magic Juan with Proyecto Uno brings out the super contagious Latin rhythm of the song called “El Tiburon” (The Shark). The song’s lyrics have a catchy phrase that says “No Pare, Sigue! Sigue!” (Don’t Stop, Go! Go!) which depicts a very clever  message of the commercial as to how the Holiday Helpers at Walmart will not stop to continually go help you while you  purchases at the store.

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